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The Poetry of A Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree has lights, tinsel (the old-fashioned kind), icicles and branches filled with colorful memories.  As I look at it, I see a narrative poem that weaves the many friends and family who have moved through my life.

Here are my Mom’s favorite tea-pot vintage Shiny Brite, a memento from a long-ago London trip, a specially inscribed china ball from Pem’s years in Holland, rabbits galore collected by Sarah, and a sweet Radko bunny compliments of Margaret.  My Aunt Nancy, who was a Roanoke librarian, always sent me a book for Christmas with a knitted bell tied to the ribbons.

Our former next door neighbors, the Rupps, shared a lot of friendly jokes with my parents about the multitude of squirrels, so a painted squirrel ornament reminds me of those fun times.  Nutcrackers are a favorite theme, and look at the cute Rudolph face from childhood friend, Bettie!  Teri, a veteran of the German Christmas Markets watched a glassblower create an angel and brought her home to me.  Owen keeps me on my home decor toes with a Jonathan Adler memento that I keep up year-round. I can’t resist stitching needlepoint ornaments, although I think it is time to stop!

My favorite ornament is a small, gold ball with my name carefully inscribed by a secret santa while I was an undergraduate student at Radford.  I am in awe of the care it took to create something so special.

Ho ho ho . . .













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