Sassy Living Below the Mason-Dixon Line

Shop Local Day!

Saturday was “Shop Local Day” and I spent it browsing Winchester’s  very sophisticated gift/linen/china emporium — Kimberly’s!  This has been a favorite home decor haunt of mine for many years.

The owner, Kimberly Sowers, also runs a nearby children’s shop, and a new menswear store in General Sheridan’s former headquarters!  (Dear readers, he is a distant cousin of my great-great-grandmother Sarah Sheridan Ward, but let’s just keep that to ourselves.  General Sheridan was an unwelcome presence in Shenandoah Valley in the summer of 1864, and memories are very long if you catch my drift.)

Kimberly’s stocks my favorite Kate Spade, Gien and Juleska china, and the shop also has the most fabulous stationery, candles, scents, ornaments, linens (be still my heart), with a wide range of prices for any purse.  Kimberly is very fashionable herself, and has such refined taste that it would be worthwhile just to come in with your Christmas list and follow her lead.  Here’s a holiday peek …
























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