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New York in the Fall!

It’s fall.  Don’t you feel like we should be going back to school in a brand new outfit?  With a cute, plaid tote stuffed with bouquets of sharpened pencils?  I love New York in the fall.  Best.  Every where else, fall feels like an intermediate season, almost a winding down to an eventual ending, or perhaps  a last gasp before winter.  BUT, in New York City, fall is the prelude to the greatest seasons of all:  Winter and Christmas!  Maybe that is why I always feel so optimistic there.  There’s more of a “the best is yet to be” vibe.

The small, local nursery, near my house in Richmond, has a glorious array of  golden mums, pansies and pumpkins.  No matter where you live, it is easy to celebrate autumn by illuminating your home with the season’s splashy colors!


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  1. * AV Kennedy says:

    The foliage starts to turn & summer yields to fall. It’s funny-sad, but I hadn’t considered the beauty of NY fall. It’s as though I hadn’t seen it until you mentioned it, but now I’ll walk with wonder. Letting myself sense the simple joy of feeling the sun on my arms. Your picture reminds me how reflecting water abounds in NYC. Way back when, I’d sit & watch seemingly still trees until I could see them stir. Wind shifts leaves slightly. Eventually, I’d discover competing winds & follow the drama of leaf choreography. Thank you for helping me appreciate what’s so sadly lost in the fits of daily life.

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 9 months ago

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