Sassy Living Below the Mason-Dixon Line

A Tiffany Christmas

Ok, it’s time to get serious about those table settings — Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day, Boxing Day — you get the picture.  Some years ago I went with a group of friends to New York from Virginia the weekend before Christmas.  We took the train and arrived in time to see the star being illuminated on Fifth Avenue.  To commemorate the occasion, my mother gave me John  Loring’s beautiful book, A Tiffany Christmas. 

Mr. Loring was the long-time design director at Tiffany and he collaborated on many design titles with Jacqueline Kennedy (including this one!).  Who had better taste than Mrs. Kennedy?  Good news is you don’t have to have expensive china to get the look.  How about a last-minute dash to Target or Kmart  — both have great white china you could pair with greens cut from your backyard.  One of my favorite Virginia haunts is the Dollar Tree (and, in New York — Dollar Jacks).  Look for simple stemmed wine glasses and white mugs.   You could pack candy canes and a few holly berries in the mug and use it for an accent piece.  If you don’t want to serve wine, fill the glasses with colorful candies and give them away as favors (a take off on the British Christmas cracker concept).  You are more creative than you know.  Promise.

Enjoy these ideas as the weekend of celebrating approaches…  


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